Avartek Boxer Hybrid above Masala, Finland

Avartek Boxer – Advanced Hybrid Power Technology

Avartek Boxer Hybrid is a gasoline powered unmanned aerial system (UAS, UAV, RPAS or drone). The main feature of Avartek Boxer is the hybrid system that provides all the flight energy by transforming gasoline into electric thru its onboard power generator for much longer flight times while maintaining the heavy payloads of large LiPo powered drones.

Instead of carrying heavy batteries the Avartek Boxer Hybrid is designed around a liquid cooled mini generator power plant that transforms gasoline into electrical power. Currently the Boxer generator is capable of delivering 4 kW of energy which translates to 5 kg of real payload and 2 hour flight times. This quadruples the flight mission lengths and provides easy on field operations due to the lack of battery management and charging problems.

The Boxer design is fully custom. The airframe was designed by Avartek in Solidworks and all parts are manufactured in Finland. Only motors, escs, the flight controller and other electronics are out sourced.

The whole copter is designed around the hybrid generator’s capabilities of producing 10x more energy than similar weight in LiPo batteries. 4 kg of gasoline provides 2 hours of flight time at MTOW 25kg, while a typical LiPo battery in this size of a drone of 11kg would only provide 30 minutes. 4 kg of gasoline (5 litres) equals 40 kg of LiPo batteries. On field operations greatly benefit from the very quick duty cycle of hybrid drone by offering easy refills instead of on battery management and recharging arrangements.

Avartek Boxer’s Pixhawk flight controller provides an easy to use system with unparalleled options for customisation both from flight controller, sensor and add on hardware as well from the software perspective. Pixhawk 2 is 100% open system and compliant with latest technologies.

Typical Payload Options

Avartek offers ready made payload setups. Safe, quick mounting and fully suspensed – ready to mount the sensor, IMU and auxilaries, such as onboard PC and telemetry/cloud datalinks. In Boxer typically auxilaries are mounted inside the airframe while the IMU is securely attached to the sensor.

Quicklocks provide quick mounting points to the hardware rail underneat the airframe. This provides quick access to the payload and allows for quick payload swaps in the field. The long payload rails and heavy lift capability makes the Boxer an ultimate multi sensor UAV. Boxer features a large deck that can accommodate payload auxiliary sensors such as hyper spectral camera irradiance sensors. Payload GPS antenna can be attached to the antenna tower. Cabling can be pulled thru the body with customisable deck covers.

Optional retracting landing gear provides unrestricted field of view for most payloads and the front mounted FPV camera safety and video recordings of flown missions.

Technical Data
Flight Controller: Cube Orange
Remote Controller: Futaba 14ch
ESCs: T-Motor Flame 60A
Motors: Avartek Boxer
Power System: Avartek
Battery: Lipo 12S 5Ah
Hybrid Power Management Unit: 4 kW
Fuel tank size: 5 litre
Flight duration: @25kg TOW approx. 120 minutes
Frame: Carbon fiber designed and manufactured by Avartek