Avartek ARX30 Drone – E-powered Heavy Lifter

Avartek ARX30 flies like the DJI Phantom yet capable of carrying heavy payloads of over 10kg.

ARX30 is built around the Pixhawk 2.1 flight controller and Arducopter code. It is equipped with an 4g/LTE VPN secured telemetry link fo nearly unlimited range. RTK flight controller available as option or upgrade.

The ARX30 is a very easy to use system with unparalleled options for customisation both from flight controller, sensor and add on hardware as well from the software perspective. Pixhawk 2 is 100% open system and compliant with latest technologies.

ARX30 system is fully upgradable to latest flight controllers and sensors. The system is designed for quick access and easy serviceability. Thus obsolescence obsolete!

Typical Payload Options

Avartek offers ready made payload setups. Safe, quick mounting and fully suspensed – ready to mount the sensor, IMU and auxilaries, such as onboard PC and telemetry/cloud datalinks. In ARX30 typically auxilaries are mounted inside the airframe while the IMU is securely attached to the sensor.

Quicklocks provide quick mounting points to the hardware rail underneat the airframe. This provides quick access to the payload and allows for quick payload swaps in the field. The long payload rails (55cm) and heavy lift capability makes ARX30 an ultimate multi sensor UAV. ARX30 deck has plenty of room for payload GPS antennas, irradiance and similar sensors. Cabling can be pulled thru the body with customiseable deck covers.

Retracting landing gear provides unrestricted field of view for most payloads and the front mounted FPV camera safety and video recordings of flown missions.

Technical Data
Flight Controller: Pixhawk 2
Remote Controller: Futaba
ESCs: T-Motor Flame 60A
Motors: Avartek Boxer
Power System: Avartek
Battery: Lipo 12S 2P 22Ah
Flight duration*: @24kg TOW approx. 30 minutes
Frame: Carbon fiber
*Lipo batteries exhausted under load to 3.6 Volts/cell