Avartek AR-3000 UAV System is the civil version of our military target drone AT-04. Main differences between these two siblings is that AR-3000 is designed for much slower airspeeds and to carry payloads for civil and scientific applications. AR-3000 has a smaller engine for fuel economy and a wingspan of 3000 mm compared to AT04’s 2000mm. AR-3000 has being designed for fully automated flying.


  • Wing Span: 3000 mm
  • Overall length: 1670 mm
  • Weight: 9.5 kg
  • Max. Payload including fuel: 7.5 kg
  • Temperature range: -20C  – +55C
  • Range with standard telemetry antenna: 20km (free line of sight)
  • Optional modems and antennas available for extended telemetry range
  • Launch method: catapult launch
  • Landing method: parachute
  • Color: white

Onboard autopilot:

  • Complete autonomous operation from catapult launch to parachute recovery
  • Altitude hold, airspeed hold and GPS waypoint navigation
  • real-time 2way communication link enabling reprogramming and editing of the flight mission in real time – unique feature
  • Integrated 3D Electronic compass Backup navigation in case of a GPS signal loss
  • 1,000 programmable waypoints or commands
  • Powerful command set allows tremendous flexibility when designing your missions
  • Low battery warning: both on the ground and in flight
  • User programmable error handlers for: loss of GPS signal, loss of RC signal, engine failure, loss of data-link, and low battery voltage.
  • Onboard data log for post flight analysis

Ground Control Station (GCS): 

  • Laptop computer 15”
  • UAV control software
  • Real-time 2-way Data link according to local regulations
  • Control over payload servos and relays



  • Manually activated bungee launcher
  • Easy to operate and transport, weight 30 kg
  • Capable of launching AR 3000 straight into the wind. Wind limits 0-15m/s
AR-3000 ready to launch on a rainy day.



Extremely easy to pack and prepare parachute.



Weather sealed AR-3000 can handle rain, snow and almost any type of meteorological surprise.


Parachute deployment

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